Privacy Policy


1. As data controllers, it is our legal responsibility to process personal data from players in order to allow them to participate in games and provide them with ancillary services. This Privacy Policy details the kinds of user personal information we gather, why we collect it, and how we utilize it.

2. By creating an Account within the Website, you confirm that you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy and do not wish to provide us with the personal information we require, please do not use this website.

3. Kindly be aware that this Privacy Policy constitutes an agreement between you and the Company. We might update this Policy from time to time. Although we'll try to let you know when there are adjustments, we advise you to check this Privacy Policy frequently. Your continued use of the Website and/or its services will constitute your consent to the Privacy Policy.

Please feel free to reach us at [email protected] if you have any additional questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the protection of your data.


1. The Personal Information which we may request to use and process shall include, without limitation:

Any of the information that you provide to us when filling in the forms on our account registration pages, as well as any additional information that you further submit via the Website or email (e.g. first and last name, date of birth, email address, phone number);
Correspondence made with us via the Website, email, web chat, or through other means of communication;
All Player Account transaction history, whether this takes place via the Website(s) or via other means of communication;
Website logins and their details, including traffic data, GeoIP location data, browser/device data, weblogs, activity logs, and other traffic information recorded in our system;
Documents and proofs that we reasonably requested from you in order to verify your account, to process deposits or withdrawals, and to conduct anti-fraud checks (on our own initiative or as required by applicable legislation). Such proofs may include passport scans, payment slips, bank statements, etc.
Survey participation or any other customer assessments that we may carry out from time to time.

1. We process the Personal Information we collect from you in order to deliver our services. In particular, we will use your data for the following purposes:

Processing your bets and transactions. This includes your use of credit card and online payment systems; Providing you with gaming and other ancillary services that you seek from our Website; Providing customer support, such as help with account setup and management; recognizing and carrying out the required verification checks; Identifying and performing the necessary verification checks; Providing registered players with information about our promotional offers, or providing promotional information from our selected business partners, associates and affiliates (only if players specifically consented to receiving such marketing material); Complying with legal responsibilities, including complying with anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) laws; Monitoring and investigating transactions for the purposes of preventing fraud, terms abuse, money laundering and other illegal or irregular gaming activities; Analyzing customer trends through market study assessments (participation in surveys is not obligatory and you can always choose not to take part); Conducting research and statistical analysis of aggregated data.


1. We may use your personal information, including your phone number and email address, to send you marketing emails about services, products, and promotions unless you have chosen not to receive them. Information on products and services from our business partners, such as suppliers of casino games, may be included in this.

2. You can choose not to receive such marketing and promotional materials at any time by changing your Account settings or by getting in touch with our customer support team at [email protected].

3. Additionally, note that by accepting any contest prize or winnings from us, you consent to the use of your name and/or nickname for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.


1. We shall not collect any Personal Information about you without your knowledge. We may, however, automatically collect certain data about you where you would have provided such information through the use of our services and through your interactions with us.

2. We may also lawfully receive certain Personal Information from online vendors and service providers, such as fraud prevention companies. Also, we reserve the right to use third-party service providers to conduct your online transactions, offer technical assistance, and supply gaming material.

3. Please understand that we may be granted access to any information you may provide to such vendors, service providers and third-party e-commerce services. Rest assured that we will use and safeguard any Personal Information so obtained, as set out in this Policy. Any information that you provide will only be disclosed to third parties outside the Company in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and we will take all necessary measures to guarantee that our contracts with third-party service providers always secure your private information.


1. Your information may be shared with other firms in our group of companies as well as with our business partners. These companies include our parent companies, their parent companies, and all of the subsidiaries of these respective companies, as well as other companies with whom we carry out business and hold necessary agreements. Data processing of your information may be undertaken by the Company or by another entity in our group of companies, which may use a third party to fulfill such data processing needs.

2. Your Personal Information may also be accessed by employees of the Company, including the Data Protection Officer, Money Laundering Officer, Payments & Anti-Fraud analysts, Customer Support agents, Customer Retention team members, VIP player managers, as well as other chosen employees, for the purposes of carrying out their duties and helping you.

3. Our employees who have access to, or are associated with the processing of the player’s personal information, have signed confidentiality agreements to respect the confidential nature of the player’s information pursuant to applicable gaming, data protection and privacy laws.

We will always make every effort to protect the security and privacy of your information and data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


1. We do not sell or rent your personal data to third parties.
2. We may disclose your personal information if required by law, regulation, or other legal subpoena or warrant. We may also disclose your personal information to a regulatory or law enforcement agency if we believe it to be necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the Company, its customers, or any third party.

3. Personal data will only be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:
- Where we are required to do so by law;
- If the Website needs to share data with its payment processors to facilitate payment transactions in accordance with their privacy policies.
- To comply with our legal and regulatory duties and responsibilities to the relevant licensing and regulatory authorities as well as all duties and 4. Responsibilities owed under any other applicable legislation and to any other applicable regulators in other jurisdictions;
- When the Company believes that disclosure is necessary to protect the Company’s or the player’s safety, or the safety of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government request;
- If our marketing service providers require the data to carry out their tasks;
- Our websites may also include social media features (e.g. “share” or “like” buttons). Such features are provided by third-party social media platforms. Where data is collected this way, its processing is governed by the privacy policy of the respective social media platforms.

Please note our content may link to third-party websites to provide relevant references. We are not responsible for such external content, which may contain separate privacy policies and data processing disclosures.


1. As stated under our Terms and Conditions both, you and the Casino can decide to have your Account closed at any time. Following the closure of your account, we will retain your personal data on record for as long as required by law. This data shall only be used should it be required by competent authorities in cases of inquiries regarding financial and fiscal records, fraud, money laundering or investigations into any other illegal activity.

2. We may also keep anonymized derivatives of your data to improve our content and marketing communications where no automated decision-making is involved.

3. You should be aware that we are required to keep player personal information provided during registration and any information shared during the operative period of a player account for a minimum of five years from the last player transaction or account closure due to anti-money laundering regulations in licensed gaming jurisdictions in the European Union. Therefore, requests for erasure prior to the lapse of this period cannot be entertained.


1. We hereby acknowledge that in collecting and processing your Personal Information for the purposes of managing your Player Account, we are bound by strict legal provisions on the protection of personal data.

2. As a result, we make an effort to protect your personal information and respect your privacy in compliance with industry standards and relevant laws. We are committed to providing secure services to players, and we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all the data that you have submitted to us remains safe.

3. Right to withdraw consent. In cases where we rely on your consent for the processing of personal data, you have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.

4. Player Accounts can only be accessed with the player’s email and password. You may also set up two-factor authentication (2FA) as additional protection from unauthorized use of your account.

You are in charge of keeping your login information secure and making sure no one else can access it.


1. You may always contact us in regards to this Policy should you wish to:
- Confirm the accuracy of the personal information we have collected about you;
- Enquire about how we utilize your personal information;
- Prohibit future use of your data for direct marketing purposes;
- Update or rectify any information that you have provided us (in such cases you shall provide any evidence we may reasonably require to effect such changes). Please be aware that it is against the law to give us inaccurate information about you, and it is your responsibility to make sure that we are always updated with your correct data.

Cookies are small text files that are saved in your web browser. These files help us identify your device when you visit our site. Cookies have a significant role in guaranteeing the proper and secure functioning of specific parts of our web pages. Additionally, we use them to speed up, simplify, and personalize the operations of our websites. Their purposes include, among others, analyzing the precise usage patterns of our websites and delivering tailored advertising materials to you.

In order to fulfill these functions, cookies gather personal information about you each time you visit the site. The decision of whether to permit or decline specific or all categories of cookies (these files' behavior is managed through your device's browser settings) is yours to make. Upon your initial visit to our website, a "cookie banner" will be presented, notifying you of this choice. If you opt to proceed without modifying your browser settings, we will utilize cookies in alignment with their explanations in the following section. To help you make an informed decision, you must understand the purposes behind cookie usage, as well as their significance in the functionality of the internet. This segment provides a brief outline of the primary cookie attributes, along with instances illustrating interactions with various types of these files and their impact on website operations.

The cookies we use can be divided into the following categories:

1. Required cookies.
These play a vital role in the functioning of our websites.

These cookies are required to transfer you between our websites and successfully complete authorization within secure areas. Furthermore, they enable us to present content that is tailored to your specific browser.

Without these cookies, you will not be able to make bets or access your Account. Consequently, should you opt to decline these cookies, certain portions of our website may not function correctly, or may not function at all.

Error-free navigation between our websites.
Error-free navigation between our websites.
Adapting content to match your device and browser, including images.
Saving your authorization in the system so you don't need to reauthorize every time you access the website.
Streaming data without having to constantly adjust volume and viewing settings.

2. Security Cookies

Being a betting company, we are bound by specific legal responsibilities that necessitate strict adherence. In accordance with the law, we are obligated to make all possible efforts to counteract fraud and the legalization (laundering) of illegally obtained funds and the financing of terrorism. These cookies help us protect our customers and our activities, monitor the authenticity of data provided by our customers, prevent repeated registration of the same customers, and block unsanctioned attempts to gain access to the betting accounts of other customers. They also help us identify suspicious activity that may signify an attempt to commit fraud, legalize (launder) illegally obtained funds and finance terrorism, and other illegal activities or violations of our partnership conditions.

Without these cookies, access to our websites will be unavailable. Should you opt not to accept these cookies, it is advisable to close your betting account and refrain from utilizing any of our Services.

3. Functional cookies

These cookies allow our websites to save information that you enter, such as your betting account number, geographical region, or selected bet slip additions. Additionally, they facilitate the persistent storage of your authentication status as you navigate our websites, granting you access to a range of features. These functionalities encompass actions like altering your email and password. Furthermore, we use these cookies to customize our website content for each individual customer as much as we can, for example, to display the latest promos, give access to information on social media (Twitter, etc.), or create links to relevant articles containing the information you request.

If you disable these cookies, you can still use the website, but you will encounter issues when using specific functions and will have to reauthorize every time you migrate from one website to another. Furthermore, you will be unable to access crucial content (such as price updates).

4. Analytical cookies

These cookies collect data about the usage of our websites and their productivity, for example, the number of visitors, most popular pages, and error message displays. Additionally, they facilitate our compliance with specific contractual commitments to our advertising associates, who direct users to our platform. It's important to note that even in the absence of these cookies, you can continue to avail of our website services. Examples of analytical cookie usage include:

Determination of website usage tendencies.
Support to keep content new and up to date.
Accounting for website traffic, and page view numbers, and studying the effectiveness of content and communications.
Improved app and website operations.

5. Targeting cookies

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Although you will retain the capability to access all website functions in the absence of these cookies, the advertisements you encounter might not align with your interests.

6. Managing cookies

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